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Pfizer manipulates Virus to create new Variants in order to sell more Vaccines

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

What sounds like the headline of a horror movie seems to be more than real (If you are looking for a german Version I recommend to read this article by Norbert Haering - Audiversion). A Pfizer Director has been recorded on tape by Project Veritas revealing that Pfizer tries to manipulate the virus that way, that they create new mutations in order to sell more vaccines. The video got almost 20Mio views in a couple of hours but still so far, mainstream media is not covering this story at al, that has the potential to bring down the entire house of cards.

I was always wondering how people could take a vaccine from a company like Pfizer, which is known as maybe the most fraudulent company on earth. I want to move on with the above story but in case you are interested in all the Pfizer crimes - this article is a great summary.

But Pfizer has not only done crimes in the past, they also manipulated their own Covid Trials. They told you their vaccine efficacy is 95% but this was based on highly manipulated data. I'm going to present you very briefly some of their key results - those are all figures from the original Pfizer documents - I have linked them all in this document here.

Pfizer did not tell the public that more people have died in the vaccine group than in the placebo group

and there have also been more severe adverse events in the vaccine group

With this results the vaccines should have never gotten any authorization. Then Pfizer wanted to hide this data for 75 years!

Back to the story. So what happened: Project Veritas set up a fake date for a Director of Pfizer named Jordan Walker who then started to talk about internas.

His Jobtitel: Director, Worldwide R&D Strategic Operations and mRNA Scientific Planning (Pfizer, Oct 2019 - Present).

He stated on hidden Camera, that Pfizer is about to do nothing else than what has been done in the Wuhan Lab - manipulating a Virus - here with the goal to create new variants in order to sell new vaccines for the company's profit. You can watch the full 10min Video here or if you prefer a short Version, then go for this 2min Twitter Video.

So let this sink: The most fraudulent company on earth, that also cheated with their Covid Trials and that is already making tones of profit selling their Vaccines around the world

is now manipulating the corona virus so that new variants occur so that they can sell new and more vaccines. wow! I mean really let this sink! This is huge, this is not legal, this is fraud!

So you would probably agree with me given the huge extent of this story that this story, by now, should be on every news channel - but have you heard from it so far? The answer might be no? Why is that?

Well first of all it could be a fake - a conspiracy theory. Maybe the guy is not real or not a Pfizer Director. And yes - there are currently loads of things going on on the internet to delete all records of this person...

- but well you know - once something is out on the internet its hard to hide. You can do you own research or you simply read this story about Jordan Walker.

Another evidence that this person is real is his reaction when he learns that this was set up. He immediately starts to freak out and even tries to steal the video material. Watch this here:

Meanwhile ( 2 weeks after the video release) also Pfizer has confirmed due to an internal leaked document that this story has really happened.

So if the Person is real, then again, why no coverage? Well, there is coverage but mainly only by those media that are not sponsored by Pfizer - which is not that many. Thanks to the Twitter take over of Elon Musks, Pfizer decided to leave Twitter and is not advertising anymore there. So Twitter is one of the only platforms where you can read about the whole story. Then we had the daily mail, one of the UK's largest newspapers which published the story for a couple of minutes before it was taken down. (archive)

Then there is Fox News, one of america's largest broadcasters where Anchorman Tucker Carlson reports about it (Video)

What is Pfizer saying to all of this? Well obviously Pfizer prefers to say nothing for the moment:

After 3 days no answer to Fox News yet

no answer to the German Newspaper yet

no answer to Florida Senator Rubio yet

Robert W. Malone, one of the inventors of the mrna technology who is double vaccinated but regrets it meanwhile and who is calling the vaccine campaign out as a crime against humanity is awaiting a heavy answer from Pfizer

What usually happens, the Factcheckers come along and try to discredit those stories. But who pays the Factcheckers?

So those who benefit most from the vaccines are making sure with their money there will be no critical voices.

But the only Factchecker who so far wrote a factcheck was MSN. Their bottom line: Well it's not verified that this person is really working for Pfizer - no word by the way to all those unanswered attempts by media outlets to Pfizer.

And as usually when there is a big story against the narrative, the censorship begins: If you haven't heard about the huge censorship by the government, Pharma Industrie, CIA and FBI -then you might want to check out this here. The government censored everything that was against the narrative, no matter if it was correct or not. Thanks to Elon Musk's take over of Twitter, all those freedom of speech violating actions came finally to light.

First of all Youtube deleted the video and gave Project Veritas a Strike, meaning if they do such things again, their entire Channel is gonna be deleted. This is censorship at it best. Publishing a video from a Pfizer Manager which then is deleted because it is medical misinformation - well - its from a Pfizer Manager no?

Die YouTube Anweisung an die Mitarbeiter wurde später geleaked

Project Veritas went to the Google Headquater to ask the Manager Trust & Safety why this video was taken down? His answer speaks for itself...

The search engine google obviously also tried to block the search for this story, however I was still able to see some results when searching for it.

Facebook Germany does not allow people to post this story - it was the German Government that met with Favcebook and asked them to take down any content in this direction, no matter if true or not.

Despite no media coverage - the first politicians start to investigate this event:

Update 28.01.23 - The Pfizer Statement and Reactions

Almost 3 days after the story went public, Pfizer released a statement that we coulkd summarize as follows:

Well we do not do gain of function unless we do.

A very vague statement...

So let us classify the whole thing by a professional, who has been working in this field for many years. Robert W Malone, one of the inventors of the mRNA Technology

So what is his take on thes Pfizer Statement?

Pfizer - at the end - tried to say we did nothing wrong. However, why then delete all the records that Jordan Walker is working at Pfizer??

Thanks to Robert Malones Expertise we can now clearly confirm: Pfizer is indeed manipulating the Corona Virus - and if this seems "normal" to you, you may need to assess your standards...

A week after the first video, Project Veritas published another recording from the conversation with Jordan Walker. It shows that pfizer is also very concerned that parts of the vaccine could remain in the body and even have a negative impact on women's fertility. Something that Dr. Naomi Wolf already warned about in 2021, only she was blocked from Twitter and banned from all platforms. She was labelled as a conspiracy Theorist. This shows what massive damage the Corona censorship has done.


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